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Friday, April 29, 2011

.: i know i'm not perfect :.

assalamualaikum. hye, there!

hate myself when i cant hold my tears. hate myself when im pretending that im happy. hate myself when i give you a fake smile. hate myself when im lying you. hate to say this that im going into you. i hate myself now.

i know that i shouldnt be like this. i know that many ppl love me. i know that you love me. maybe not now. maybe one day. oh! stop dreaming, faezah. tell me that you give me a chance. tell me that you will wait for me. tell me that you will never leave me. oh! stop being so crap, faezah. wake up to the real life.

sorry to all my friend. keep concerning about me. keep asking me, ' are you okay, dear?'. keep calling me. keep texting me. oh! guilty. thanks a lot guys.

i cant hide this feeling. i cant keep it. but, ill try. be patience, faezah! sabar itu cantik. ALLAH knows everything. :)

i like him, he likes her. damn! congrates faezah. once again right. hee!

aku selalu bertepuk sebelah tangan. mengaharapkan yang tak pasti. over imagination. kadang aku lupa yang ALLAH dah tetapkan apa yang terbaik. aku cuma perlu tunggu dengan penuh kesabaran. kadang aku nangis sebab aku so into him.

oh! how lucky she is. hee. :)

Bruno Mars~ Who Is.

addicted to this song. i love the way Bruno Mars sing this song. :)

I Was Perfect For The Circus
If She Dared Me Id Do It
Love Makes You Stupid
I Gave It up
But I Guess It Was Not Enough
Cause She Never Seemed Satisfied

I Know Im Not Perfect
But At The End Of The Day, Who Is?
She Wanted Someone Thats Perfect, Ok
But Can You Tell Me Who Is?

She's At The Bar Just Above The Star's
A Rocket Couldnt Reach It But I Still Kept On Reaching
She Watched Me Try At Least A Thousand Times
If She Loved Me She'd Stopped Me But Nooo

Oooh I Know Im Not Perfect
But At The End Of The Day Who Is Oooh
She Wanted Someone Thats Perfect,Well Ok
But Can You Tell Me Who Is?

I Saw Something Worth My Future
So Right So Wrong
In My Mind I was all it took, But I Guess I Was Wrong??

I Know Im Not Perfect
But At The End Of The Day Who Is Oooh
She Wanted Someone Thats Perfect,Well Ok
But Can You Tell Me Who Is?

i know that im not perfect. i cant be like her. she is adorable, beauty, cool, smart. and i? just a simple, boring girl. not that too pretty. :(

p/s: maybe that i will be away for a few days. need refreshment. muhasabah diri sedalam yang mungkin. dah banyak sangat dosa. patutlah tak tenang.

have a nice life. hee~


  1. hello my dear!!
    peja, sorry sbb aq mmg xreti na pujuk bab2 mcm ni...ngee~~
    tp ap yg bole aq ckp stiap org msg2 da ade jdoh nye,, cpt @ lmbt,, baik @ buruk sume t'pulang kat Dia..
    tp kalo kte na psgn kte yg btol2 kne ngn kte,, kte kene jdkan dri kte yg t'baek dlu!!
    so,, aq hrp ko kuat eyhh!! love you!! >>333

  2. thanx nini! kau comel ah. tu lah yang aku fikirkan. nak dapat yang terbaik so aku kene terbaik lah kan. hee~

    aku bukan desperate ke hape. tapi, kau faham kan. perempuan mana yg taknak kawen. masa cepat sangat berlalu. kawen tu umpama tiket syurga untuk perempun. :)