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Saturday, July 31, 2010

.:weeks full 0f tears:.

alhamdulillah that im still alive..
weeks full 0f tears..
theres a l0t happened 0n me..
i cried a l0t last week..
thanx wardah cz listened t0 all my pr0b..
actually,,it was ab0ut family..
in this 17 years,, my father never hug me n say that he l0ves me..
i kn0w that he l0ves me.. s0 jeal0us with 0ther pe0ple that their father really2 sh0w that he l0ve their dhildren..
im 0k n0w..
ALLAH kn0ws everything..

i cried cz 0f myself..
keep thinking what will i be after sch0ol..

miss sum0ne..
cant miss sum0ne that 'ajnabi'..
im just praying t0 ALLAH that i will get what the best..

luv u all..

p/s:n0 picture cz damn lazy t0 upl0ad..maybe next tyme..need t0 sleep!!

"kwn yg baik adalah kwn yg menegur bukan menyokong jika kita buat salah"


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