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Thursday, June 10, 2010

.:sleep 0ver:.

sc. h0ls!!but im n0t at my h0me..haha..stay 1 week at nailah's m0ment..there is a l0t 0f thing that we had together..keya,,s0b n fiqa!!thanx a l0t cz always makes me laugh,,chill babe!!
urm,,nezt week ill upl0ad all the pics that i t0ok..bef0re i stay here [ nailah's h0me ] all f3 n f5 0f smkaklians stayed at sch0ol..there was a l0t 0f class n seminar..had fun that time!!z0t,,zal,,bella!!!ill upl0ad the pics..[ taik lalat ]..haha..
erm,,th0se yg sy ad tnye s0klan cpumas,,next week i will publish it..haha..what a fun resp0nd..wait!!secret till next week..haha..
need t0 g0..sleepy already..
p/s:we must sacrifice all that we like t0 get success..insyaALLAH~ALLAH noe wut the best..
t0 my m0m dad n br0..miss u a l0t..;))

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