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Sunday, May 23, 2010


alhamdulillah im still alive till n0w..i cant believed that im n0w SEVENTEEN..actually i missed my 16teen n m0st unf0rgettable m0ment when i was 15teen..there r t0o many things happened 0n me..happy,,sad,,d0wn,,up,,blur,,heartless..n many m0re..
thanx t0 all my friends cz wished me HAPPY BUFDAY..the first pers0n that wished me is NUR SYAZWANI aka WANIMER..i cried that im n0t believed that im 7teen..n0t f0rget t0 all my sch0olmate cz cheer me up..haha..thanx a l0t t0 y0u cz gave me that present..nice!!n the letter,,insyaALLAH..t0 my adek d0rm,,s0rry sgt cz prank k0rg x jd..
m0st unf0rgettable,,t0 my family,,thanx a l0t..especially my bring me t0 this w0rld..ibu n abah take a g0od care 0f me since i was b0rn n till n0w im 7teen..thanx a l0t..ibu,,luv that cake s0 much!!thanx ya..abah,, i n0e that u l0ve me but u never sh0w ur l0ve..mksu,,thanx 4 the bl0use..luve it..ira,,thanx 4 the diary..s0rry cz x smpat jmpe..
actually i had a bad fever 0n my feeling sad..but my adek d0rm said:"kak peja,,xpela akak saket tyme bufday..sbb ALLAH syg kat akak..insyaALLAH d0sa2 akak trhpus tyme akak saket ni"..alhamdulillah cz ad 0rg yg ingtkan kte di saat2 kte x kuat mnghadapi ujian ALLAH..bt0l gak kan..spanjang id0p 17 ta0n ni,,da byk yg aku wat..h0pe that ill always 0n the right track..insyaALLAH..
p/s:faezah,,ure 7teen str0nger than bef0re..dont ever give up till u get wut u want..being urself..;))

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