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Saturday, April 10, 2010

thanx mksu!!
g b0wling kt the curve..
best!!petr0nas event..

erm,,such a weird p0sed..
captured by my br0ther..
that bag was fr0m my nanny..
she b0ught it at bandung,,ind0nesia..
99000 rupiah..haha...
juz 0nly rm30 in malysia..
this is my br0ther..
in juz a few h0ur,,he g0t a new friend..daniel!!
haha..juz like his sister..0ver friendly..

the smallest 0ne is ikin,,then,,iman,,me n my br0ther..
b0th 0f the gurl r s0 cute..

luv kids..
brigter my life..
im happy t0day..
spending my tyme wif my mksu n my br0ther..
n0t t0 f0rget my pksu n b0th cute gurl..
p/s:enj0y ur lyfe..lyfe is like an icecream..lick it before it melted..s0,,enj0y ur lyfe n m0st imp0rtant n0t t0 f0rget ALLAH..always zikr n muhasabah..
~mardhotillah achiever~